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Specialty Decorative Paints


Limewash Finishes


Hand Painted Murals

Walls that are treated with specialty paint provide an understated but very elegant and aesthetic aspect to the room. Picture Perfect works with high quality Georgio Graeson products imported from Italy. These specialty paints are typically made of lime and marble powders that beautifully reflect the light in your room, and create a sophisticated and unique wall finish.

In conjunction with Pure & Original, the global product leader in Limewash coatings, Picture Perfect is able to offer both Fresco Lime Paint and Marrakech Plaster Paint finishes. Fresco Lime Paint is applied by brush and results in an aged, natural look with unique shades and aesthetic strokes, creating depth and beauty to any space and producing interiors that are calm and luminous.


With trowel-applied Marrakech Plaster Paint, a traditional Tadelakt look can be created, or a more contemporary concrete-like finish can also be obtained. The application of Marrakech Plaster Paint is less labor-intensive and therefore more affordable than Venetian Plaster or Microcement.

A hand painted mural is much more than a ‘paint job’, it is a work of art. Picture Perfect collaborates with the most talented Muralists in the GTA who can create virtually any image, pattern or unique finish you can imagine. If you are searching for a personal expression in interior design that is truly unique to your home, look no further.

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