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Exterior Painting


Exterior Caulking

Making the decision to proceed with your exterior painting project is a big commitment and can feel overwhelming. Let Picture Perfect be your trusted partner and guide you through the technical, aesthetic, and safety considerations that must go into any successful exterior paint job. Our Exterior Painters are true experts and will ensure that all aspects of your project are done properly and safely, so you don’t have to worry.


As a Preferred PRO Applicator of the industry leading Romabio Exterior Masonry Coating we are distinguished to offer this exclusive product. If you prefer a stained brick or masonry appearance, penetrating PermaTint Exterior Masonry Stain is our specialty product recommendation.

Picture Perfect provides exterior silicone caulking to ensure your building envelope is sealed up tight against the wind, rain and snow. Caulking is one of the most important but under-appreciated components of exterior maintenance, working quietly in the background in a variety of ways. Not only do you need to keep your windows and doors well sealed but expansion gaps on masonry, stucco and stone must be monitored as well. Make sure you don't leave your home exposed, get protected with top quality exterior grade Dow silicone sealants.

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