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Colour and Decor Consultations

Redecorating ?  Welcome to Finishing Guild



Maintenance & Repairs

Colour Consultation involves much more than just picking paint colours that appeal to you. In addition to liking a paint colour, you should consider the flow, unity, and symmetry of your colour palette as a whole. Furthermore, have you compared your colour palette with your existing furnishings, flooring, tiles, millwork, etc.? Picture Perfect Colour Consultants take into consideration every element of your home’s existing colour scheme, furnishing style, and overall feel.


Don’t forget about the outside of your home either - the same consideration must be given to the exterior surfaces as well. Let our enthusiastic and informed Colour Consultants provide you with expert advice and have some fun with the colour selection process on your next project.

Looking to take on a slightly larger redecorating or finishing project but not in a need of a full scale Renovator? Finishing Guild, a Division of ServiceBuilt Corporation, is the perfect solution for smaller remodeling projects. Think in terms of a new wood fireplace mantle, a fresh tile backsplash, room enhancing crown moulding, a convenient partition wall, or even a full redesign of your bathroom!


Trust our team of hand-selected finishing experts to get the job done. If your project does not require building permits to complete then Finishing Guild may be the perfect solution - accountable, affordable, and at the ready.

Have you been putting off basic home maintenance needs or looking at a necessary repair for far too long? Picture Perfect can provide a one-stop solution for all of your home maintenance and repair needs. Don’t just call us for the final painting - let us take care of your water damage and drywall repairs, removal and replacement of kitchen and bathroom caulking, even complete broken tile replacement or damaged wood trim repairs. Let one professional team take care of your project from start to finish.

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