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Updated: Oct 17, 2023

2022 is an exciting year for new styles and trends. As we move out of the last few years of cocooning at home, we’re bringing to 2022 the home lessons we’ve learned to create more liveable, functional spaces that don’t leave out comfort and style. Here’s seven of the biggest trends we’ll be seeing throughout 2022 and beyond.

That 70’s Style is Back Again

We aren’t talking about disco and leisure suits. Instead, think curved furniture which is having a major moment right now. Homes a few years ago were all about cool grays and sleek modern lines, but now we’re warming up to browns big time this year in an effort to bring more natural vibes inside. From luxurious velvet to soft and cozy mohair, look forward to enjoying those rich, homey vibes and feel the flashback to your grandparents living room, minus the shag and slipcovers.

Biophilic Vibes

From air purifiers designed to destroy toxic off-gassing from furniture to natural lighting that supports better moods, we’re all wanting our interiors to support our best life. It’s not enough for interior design to just look good, many parts can also play a positive role in our mood and wellness. From creating calm environments with neutral tones like terra cotta and dusty roses to finding new ways to sustain a variety of house plants and trees, living spaces are becoming truly alive this year.

Homework Rooms

Speaking of tranquility, as online learning becomes a permanent part of the post-pandemic era, families are realizing the importance of quiet spaces for study and online classroom time. Far from the distraction of playrooms and bedrooms, homework rooms are trending as high-tech, calming spaces where the kids can have their own home office.

Warmer Walls

Following the trend of bringing more warmth into the home, Venetian plaster and limewash are becoming increasingly popular as a wall treatment. Thanks to new advancements in materials, it’s become more attainable to achieve this look that’s been popular since ancient times. Think of more texture and softness, added dimension being added to your walls and you’ll understand the appeal of this rich treatment.

Sustainable Grandmillennial

The grandmillennial style started gaining momentum in 2021 when millennials decided they were over the hill after entering their 30s and 40s. During the pandemic they decided to embrace the stuffiest, most over-the-top charming styles their great-grandmothers loved decades ago. Think more is more. This also happens to fit perfectly in with the sustainable movement to buy less and reuse more. Look for many more vintage home pieces becoming available for sale and traditional details, like wingback chairs and Chesterfield sofas, becoming popular again.

Multifunctional Spaces

If the pandemic taught us anything it’s that we all could use more space. Between feeling cramped sharing work spaces to desperately searching for the quietest spot to Zoom, we realized that it’s going to take improvising to blend all of our needs under one roof. Enter the trend of multifunctional rooms. Room dividers have become popular for blending in divergent needs into one space. Maybe a spare bedroom that has workout equipment in one corner and office furniture in the other half.

More Colours on the Walls

For the past decade or so, there’s been little risk-taking in wall color. Instead, we were told walls needed to be either gray or greige and that was the end of the stylish options. But that’s all changing. Accent walls paved the way for a new adventurous movement in wall colors. Deep greens and even black have been showing up much more frequently. But you don’t need to go to such extremes. More subtle shades of soft blues and greens, peach and white will be replacing those grays in 2022.

Take for instance Farrow & Ball’s 2022 paint colours of the year, which is an eclectic mix of subtle classics and bold options:

  • Babouche - A yellow/gold that hints of curry, marigolds and brass. It’s richly cheerful without being overly bright.

  • School House White - For too long white wasn’t utilized because it became thought of as boring and unadventurous. Thankfully, we’re back to appreciating all that a warm white can bring to a room, allowing it to breathe and feel more open.

  • Breakfast Room Green - The answer for adding that subtle touch of the natural world without going over-the-top in green, it’s especially nice in a matte finish, which produces wonderful effects as light hits this wall colour.

  • Stone Blue - As modern as it is traditional, this blue brings richness back to walls and doors with a classic brightness.

  • Incarnadine - Think cherries, crimson and cranberries, a vibrant but rich red that is just as luxurious as its name implies.

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